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Three Speech Interviews Ray MaGuire

July 31, 2008Written by Azariah Ellington II

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
ThreeSpeech Interview

ThreeSpeech Interview

Our friends over at Three Speech had the opportunity to ask Sony Computer Entertainment’s managing director, Ray MaGuire, a few questions.

For all of you that were heartbroken by the Final Fantasy XIII announcement, Ray has a view on the situation of exclusivity going forward in the industry.

RM: For publishers, increasingly, the only way forward is to have multiple platform strategies. What’s more important is the development cycle going forward. We have three platforms that vary in their technical ability. You can develop for the top-end, then dumb games down for the other titles. What we will see in those titles is exclusivity in terms of functionality.

These comments echo what Naughty Dog’s Richard Lemarchand had to say about Sony’s vision of expanding gaming culture and functionality in an interview with IGN. Additional functionality can affect the purchasing decision of a person that has more than one console. Though I currently only own Sony platforms, many of my multi-console owning friends have expressed the intention to by the PS3 version of games based on the eventual Home integration.

E3 has recieved mixed reviews. Many think that this new format doesn’t suit the video game industry well. Here are Ray’s thoughts on this issue.

RM: I think we felt that E3 suffered by not having that grandeur and the theatrical shows that demonstrate this is a business that generates billions of Euros. It was more like a convention for plumbers. But behind closed doors, there was a decent amount of business going on. Games are still doing record numbers in terms of turnover, and the amount of people getting into gaming is growing.

I have to agree with Ray on this as well.

Ray answers more questions about the PS3 and PSP in this interview. It is definitely worth the few minutes it takes to read. For the full interview go over to Three Speech.