PSN Downloadable Games: Why We Love Them

Written by Sev1512

When I first turned on my launch PS3, one of the first things I did was create my PSN ID, and head over to the PlayStation Store.

Never had I purchased a downloadable game before, neither had I ever been offered a downloadable game on my console before.

My first purchase was Blast Factor, and it was love at first download.

Accessible, fun, all for a low price
Accessible, fun, hours of gaming, all for a low price

I am getting older, and with age comes responsibility. With responsibility you have less time for yourself…less time for gaming.

PSN downloadable games are the perfect solution for a lack of time. They don’t require many hours of dedication, and they don’t sport a hefty price tag. You can play them for a couple hours, or just a few minutes. They don’t even require you to leave the comfort of your couch. Such accessibility is needed in this fast-paced world. Especially for us “older” gamers.

PSN titles are also the answer for the ever-growing development costs that tend to hinder variety and innovation. It allows a developer to take a chance with a fresh idea, no matter how bold, and even if it flops it won’t put the company under. Examples of this have already been seen with flOw, PixelJunk Eden, and the much-anticipated Linger In Shadows.

A risk worth taking?  Definitely yes
A risk worth taking? Definitely yes

Another wonderful aspect of PSN games, is that larger studios, such as Insomniac can work on a PSN title amidst a hectic and demanding schedule of a full scale retail release. As seen with Quest for Booty, you get a low-cost quality game in between the ever-so-popular blockbusters.

One of the biggest reasons why I love PSN downloadable games, is that it’s an easy way to bring back classics. Whether it’s a remake or a re-release, PSN makes it simple and cost effective for publishers to bring back the classics that made us all gamers in the first place for the current generation of gamers to enjoy. Mortal Kombat II is one of my all-time favorite games, and being able to inflict a “flawless victory” on an opponent halfway across the world is a priceless experience.

Flawless Victory...  PSN wins!
Flawless Victory... PSN wins!

Lastly, let’s look at variety; a lack of which is blatantly noticeable in today’s shooter-filled market.  You have mindless fun on one side of the spectrum with games like PAIN…on the other side you have games like PixelJunk Monsters, and Everyday Shooter.

With so many new downloadable games such as ‘Fat Princess’, and ‘Flower’ on the horizon, the future looks mighty fine for the PlayStation Network.

Its only the beginning...
It's only the beginning...