CNET: A Look Into Home

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
I like the looks of that.
I like the looks of that.

CNET posted an article about Home today. It gives readers a nice explanation of what Home is about. My favorite line from the article is:

Sony’s Home is one of the most highly anticipated titles on the PlayStation 3, and it has the potential to revolutionise the way users interact online. However, there’s no doubt it’s taken a long time to come to fruition.

I could not think of a better description of Home personally. I also cannot say that to some it has felt like it has not been quite a long wait.

The article explains how Home brings together three of Sony’s areas of expertise and how each of them are a part of Home. These areas are movies, music, and games.

Feel free to go over and give the article a read. I think it is short and sweet. With the Home Expanded Applications in, I’m sure the anticipation for Home is once again reaching astronomic levels.