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PS3 Review – Warhawk: Operation Fallen Star

The long-term support for this game is incredible

The long-term support for this game is incredible

Up until now, Warhawk had gone through two well-recieved expansions. Both Broken Mirror and Omega Dawn added new features and much replayability to the game with added maps and layouts, as well as vehicles and weapons. The title has also seen several patches, with the most recent one adding trophy support, two new modes (hero and collection), and  in-game custom soundtracks.

That’s all fine and dandy but none of it amounts to what we just received…Operation Fallen Star.

The new expansion places you in medium-large size map (Tau Crater), containing a towering, monstrous, colossal wrecked ship which lies smack dab in the middle of everything.

It’s forested, hazy from the smoke of war and devastation, and just run-down in general. Everything seems to be wrecked in some way and it all gives a sort of eerie orange glow that says ‘death’ to everything and everyone foolish enough to wander near.

You may be wondering right about now why I’m so gobsmacked by Fallen Star…

One word.


Did that send a bit of a quiver of joy down your spine? I knew it would! Here’s why Jetpacks have changed Warhawk permanently for the better:

Verticality is something in this game that was kind of a barrier to infantry. If you owned the skies, the ground troops were pretty much screwed because of the absolutely devastating and quick skills the pilots were typically endowed with.

Alas…This. Is. No. Longer.

With the press of a button, you equip yourself with a handy-dandy back-rocket from a “vending machine” and PSSSHHHHOOOM off you go into the blue yonder!

Any of you ever seen the ‘Rocketeer’? Yes?



People who are plane-shy now have the tool they need to fully realize their ground-defense role! No longer do you have to fear heights and out-of reach places! You want to find someone who’s trying to hide? Grab a Jetpack, fly over to them, hover and snipe them from the air!

Do you have a penchant for assaulting like a mad-man? Then by all means, do so! Grab a flamethrower and some mines, go up really high and out of sight…then proceed to drop mines down from a thousand feet onto the enemy’s base, and swoop in to flame a few turrets! What’s stopping ya?

Another trick I learned: use your new-found love for heights to plant mines in areas where planes fly! Drop a mine on top of a mountain where warhawks frequently pass!

I could go on and on about how this new mode of transportation opens up a whole new world of gameplay, but I would just be wasting my breath, because I know you’ve already bought it by now and you’re playing it as I type this.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Jetpacks are badass! 

Why wasn’t this included with the original game?

Every booster pack has improved the gameplay, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

8 out of 10