Trophy Guide – NOVASTRIKE

NOVASTRIKE launched on June 5th of this year in the US and met with varying degrees us success.  Many of the early purchasers voiced their opinions about the insane difficulty of the game, even on the easiest difficulty.  On September 8th, only five months after its initial release, NOVASTRIKE received a 1.01 patch.  This patch contained many of the features provided in the 2.40 firmware update including Trophy support and in-game music.  More importantly to most people is the retooling of the games difficulty to make it easier for the masses.

13 of the games 16 Trophies can be acquired by making your way through the game on the easiest difficulty.  However there are also three Trophies that require you to make your way through the additional three difficulties to completion.

Heralder No More (Bronze): Destroy a Heralder aircraft on any difficulty

– The first Heralder in the game appears during the first level.  It is an objective.

Broken Falchion (Bronze): Shoot down a Falchion aircraft on any difficulty

– The first Falchion in the game appears during the second level.  It is part of an objective.

Champion of Praxor (Bronze): Finish the second stage on any difficulty

– Finish the second stage to unlock this Trophy.

Destroyer (Bronze): Destroy 500 aerial opponents on any difficulty

– If you destroy most of the aerial units you run across in the game you should pick this up around the third or fourth stage.

Defender of Khara (Bronze): Finish the fourth stage on any difficulty

– Finish the fourth stage to unlock this Trophy.

Ground Sweeper (Bronze): Destroy 200 Draelus ground structures on any difficulty

– If you destroy every Draelus ground structure you run across you should pick this up around the fifth stage.

Searer Extinguished (Bronze): Destroy the Searer on Tolak on any difficulty

– The Searer appears as the final objective on stage five.  It is an objective.

Master of Arms (Bronze): Unlock the final ship on any difficulty

– Upgrade all your weapons to the maximum.

Savior of Tolak (Bronze): Finish the sixth stage on any difficulty

– Finish the sixth stage to unlock this Trophy.

Challenger (Silver): Defeat the game on RECRUIT difficulty or higher

Reckoning Force (Silver): Defeat the game on SOLDIER difficulty or higher

Unstoppable (Silver): Defeat the game on VETERAN difficulty or higher

Legendary (Silver): Defeat the game on HARDCORE difficulty

– Complete all 7 stages on the associated difficulty.  Completion Trophies stack, so beating Hardcore would unlock all four Trophies.

*You can actually make it far into the game on harder difficulties just by avoiding your objectives.  You will fail the objective but the game will continue on.  However this does not work on destroying bases, so these you will actually have to do.

[Hidden] Don’t You Die On Me (Bronze): The friendly rebel Heralder must survive through the end of Khara (Stage 3)

– During the third stage you must escort a large Heralder, this is the ship you must protect throughout the stage.  The largest threats to the ship are the highlighted enemies (Read: those with a red marker), the anti-air turrets and the large enemy ships.  Be specifically on the lookout for the kamikaze ships.

*Attempting this on Rookie+ makes it a much easier task to accomplish.

[Hidden] Abrupt Ending (Bronze): Prevent the Harbinger from reaching its final destination

– When the Harbinger stops at the first invincibility location you can continue on and destroy the surrounding bases.  Destroying these bases will provide you a much easier level.  You do not actually have to destroy the Harbingers outer shell completely.  After destroying one (ideally two) of the shell pieces you should be able to boost around and into one of these holes.  Keep maneuvering yourself so that you can take shots at the inner core.  Using this tactic (along with the above mentioned) the Harbinger can be brought down around mid level.

[Hidden] Perfectionist (Bronze): Defeat the game on any difficulty without failing any objectives

– Complete the game while completing all objectives.  If at the stage clear screen you receive 0 points for any objective then that indicates that you failed one.

*Attempting this on Rookie+ makes it a much easier task to accomplish.