LittleBigPlanet Beta Keys Available from the PS Blog [UPDATE]

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
Im back
I’m back

UPDATE #2: (Jeff Rubenstein) The beta keys are sending out now, so check your inboxes (and spam filters). All should be reach their destinations within about 2 hours (it’s 4.23pm Pacific right now). Good luck!

UPDATE: No more emails being accepted. They have received “more than enough” (quoting Jeff Rubenstein).

The PS Blog is giving away more LBP Beta Keys. A day or so ago, the blog gave away 50 keys to the first people to email in and request them. I know many people were quite mad to not be one of the 50. Now Jeff is promising that more than 50, “a lot more than 50,” will receive beta keys this time. You will not receive an email immediately following you sending the email, but you can expect a key sometime later today. There will be a post with more info regarding when the codes will be coming.

Good luck to everyone. I applied. 🙂 Here is the email address: