Rumor Killer: No PS2 Emulator Available

Written by Sev1512

According to the rumor started at, owners of the “new” 80GB PS3 will be able to “download PS2 emulator software online”.

This information would have been HUGE for “new” 80GB and 40GB PS3 owners whose consoles lack backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 software.

Sadly, this information comes from who frankly has no idea what they are talking about.

Here is what videogamecentral had to say about the incorrect description:

The description of the product is fairly accurate.

The PS3 80gig systems will play some/select PS2 games, Other games are sometimes added to the compatability list by publishers supporting downloads for your PS3 if you are connected to the PSN network!

The 80gig system IS NOT designed to play PS2/PS1 games via the hardware and therefore it is emulation hence the reason that a majority of titles do not play until the publisher releases a patch or update for the existing hardware (PS3 80gig).

All I can say about that statement, is huh?  They obviously must be talking about the “old” 80GB which we ALL know has some PS2 BC support.

Our take on this whole “rumor”?  If there was a PS2 software emulator for the PS3, then it would have been announced publicly by Sony.  Consider this rumor FALSE…