Bulk up your PS3! 320GB HDD for cheap!

Written by Sev1512
WD Scorpio 2.5 320 GB SATA HD WD3200BEVT
WD Scorpio 2.5

Tired of always having to delete demos to make room for new ones?  Don’t delete another thing, upgrade your PS3’s HDD and do it for under $100.

Amazon.com has listed Western Digital Scorpio 2.5″ 320GB SATA HDD for the low price of $83.90, and since it ships from Amazon, and is over $25, it also qualifies for FREE super saver shipping.

You may be thinking, what would I need 320GB for?  Well, I upgraded to a 160GB HDD at the PS3 launch, and I only have 11GB left, so it’s time to upgrade AGAIN.  My suggestion is to upgrade once, and make it BIG.  You do NOT want to upgrade twice like I have to.  The PS3, much like the PS2 and PSOne, will have a 10 year lifespan, so even if it may not seem it now, you WILL eventually need some extra storage on your PS3.

For an instructional video on HOW TO upgrade your PS3’s HDD click HERE.