Official PS Blog Confirms It: Resistance 2 Beta is Live

Written by T3mpr1x
Resistance 2
Resistance 2 beta has gone live!

Resistance 2 beta keys have begun rolling out to many eager PlayStation 3 owners. The Official Sony PlayStation Blog has revealed that keys have started to trickle their way out from their servers and out onto the World Wide Web. If you haven’t yet received a key and are wondering if you qualify, I’ve got all those details after the jump.

Below is a list of all those who qualify to receive a beta key, by “[Friday] afternoon.”

  • Anyone who pre-ordered the game from the GameStop chain of stores.
  • People who subscribed for an annual pass to the Qore digital magazine.
  • Individuals who purchased the episode of Qore that featured Resistance 2.
  • Some people from a recent contest held by

All of those people are considered to be in the “Premiere” wave. Approximately one week after those invites are sent out, the following list contains those who will receive their codes then.

  • Anyone residing in Europe (Sorry!).
  • Those who apply at once the site goes live (Should be sometime on Friday).
Resistance 2 Skills Graph
Resistance 2 Skills Graph

The beta entails the following:

  • Competitive maps from three in-game locations.
  • These range in size/layout from 10 to the full 60-player option.
  • The new game modes Skirmish and Core Control will be supported.
  • The co-op portion will be live, and will support randomized play-paths (No playthrough is ever the same!)
  • Competitive, along with co-op mode, will support matchmaking and class/level progression, with a cap of level 10. Berserks will also be enabled.

So, it looks like even if you’re not in the beta by this coming afternoon you will still have a chance to enter at! I hope to see you all in-game sometime soon!