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PSP Review – BUZZ! Master Quiz

Where does Buzz! rank for enjoyment?

BUZZ! Master Quiz is the series first appearance on the PSP. BUZZ! veterans will be the first to realize one of the games major features is missing, the buzzer. So how does Sony manage to make BUZZ! a success on the PSP? Simple, Sony took advantage of the hardware and created a game that embodies what the PSP was made for, PlayStation gaming on the go.

BUZZ! Master Quiz has both a single and multiplayer mode. Not to mention that there is also game sharing; I have long longed that this feature was included in far more games. It is here in BUZZ!, kudos for that Sony.  This review will focus on the single player mode. Unlike other reviews of the game that took place in an office somewhere, this review was done after experiencing the game in the wild aka while using the Washington DC metro system. Let’s talk about the game:


Single Player Mode contains over 3000 questions and 6 game modes, which are spread over 15 different challenges. The first thing you do in single player is create a profile. (I named mine C Osiris). The profile allows the game to present you with new questions each time you play through. Not to mention keep track of your highest scores and trophies as well. The trophies you receive in this title are not for PSN, but I am sure this is not news to you by now. It is still rewarding to see that gold medal at the bottom of the screen get filled up because of an outstanding performance, I promise.


BUZZ! Master Quiz has made up for the replacement of the buzzer by assigning answers to the face buttons. This makes the game simple to play on the go. Sitting on a metro with a buzzer would look extremely awkward, so I was happy for this change. Does the switch to face buttons take away from the game show feel? Not really. The game provides modes that take advantage of this control scheme, like the rank mode, “Top Rank”. (Top Rank is my favorite game mode). You not only have to push the face buttons to answer the question, but you have to press them in the correct order to rank various people, places, and things according to the question. It actually is a great bit of fun. It is extremely frustrating when you hit the wrong button first. There is no going back and removing the button press. You can see how this can be a problem if you have an unexpected stop on the metro.


All of the traditional BUZZ! elements are in the title. The host by far is the most recognizable aspect of the game. He is present with his witty comments and to ask you the questions. You will see the game show board on occasion as well. Do not expect to see your characters entire body during a quiz though. It did not take away from the game at all. The quiz screens really allow you to immerse yourself in the game. So much so, that you will even miss your stop, or nearly miss it at least.


BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! how do I adore thee? This game is a lot of fun. Playing it on the go only enhances the experience. I played the game at home several times as well, it was just as fun, but something about being able to block out everything going on around you and show your trivia prowess is unmatched. BUZZ! Master Quiz is not perfect, it is really hard to find any game that is. I personally would not have minded having the opportunity to just select to play any game mode at your leisure after you completed the solo mode a time or two. Maybe this is an addition that will make it into the next title. Oh yea, Sony, please put PSN trophies in the next one, pretty please!!!

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Allows for wireless Game Sharing.

Has a trophy system, but not for PSN.

The perfect game to play on the go, offering hours of fun.

8 out of 10