Trophies Mandatory Come 2009

Written by Phoenix8387 phoenix8387

trophy has reported that come January 2009 all titles must support Trophies.  A SCEE spokesperson confirmed this when contacted by, stating “Yes from Jan 09 all games must have trophies.”  Ended are the times where we will  be forced to wait for a Trophy patch and replay the title completely to earn our Trophies.

There was no mention as to whether PSOne Classics will support Trophies or if Sony will ask developers to patch additional past titles.

Our frequent readers here know how much of a Trophy whore I can be… so it should come to no surprise to you that this has me completely stoked.  It also means all those awesome looking games that are coming out next year will support Trophies.  That means FF XIII and XIII Verses will get the wonderful Trophy treatment for all of those who cared… Which I expect is most of you do.

So… does this news excite you?