Will PSN finally get custom avatars?

Written by Sev1512 sev1512-48

Now that the “new” PlayStation.com has launched, and with the PlayStation Network fully integrated into the site and forums, there is one thing that is blatantly missing…

That one thing is avatars.  Avatars are defined as a “user’s representations of himself/herself or alter ego”.  Part of what makes the internet so special, is that things such as “avatars” let users basically be anything they want to be.

So why on the PlayStation Network are we forced to choose from a set of 200 + avatars, most of which are horrible and no one would actually want to use?  The offering Sony has given us certainly doesn’t represent us gamers, or PlayStation fans at all.  Sure there are some bearable avatars out there, like the Motorstorm avatar, or a Nathan Hale avatar, but since they are the only decent avatars, it’s not uncommon for 15 of your PSN friends to have the same exact avatar as you.

My avatar, one of the "bearable" avatars
My avatar, one of the bearable avatars

The old PlayStation.com forums allowed you to upload your own avatar (after a certain post count), now that the PlayStation Network has merged with the PlayStation.com forums, will that mean we will get to upload our own avatars soon?

No word yet from Sony, but lets hope that they listen to us PlayStation fans that want to express ourselves a little more than a choosing from a list of crappy (very crappy) avatars.

What about you guys? What avatar are you using?  Would you still use that avatar, if you could upload you own?  Didn’t think so.