God of War III is Joining Uncharted 2 at the Awards Show

Written by Chris Rah Osiris chrisrahosiris-48
I will be at the Awards Show too
I will be at the Awards Show too

Uncharted 2 forced me to give December 14th to Spike TV’s Video Game Awards. God of War III decided to join in on the party and make an appearance as well. Spike must be charging a pretty penny for advertising during this thing. Fight Night Round 4 will be at the awards too. I loved Round 3, so I am excited about Round 4.  Titles such as Brutal Legend and Terminator Salvation will be there as well.

With all of this information, what does it make you think about the God of War III release date? One N4G is reporting that the date is going to be 2010 for sure due to a IMDB tidbit on the title. I think we all need to stay tuned, watch the awards show, and do a lot of drooling. 😉