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A Next Metal Gear is…Touch!



It’s official. The logo which made fanboys go crazy for the next Metal Gear game has been revealed to be that of Metal Gear Solid Touch, available soon for the iPod Touch/iPhone. People have been speculating for days what the old logo could have meant, but now the truth is out.


A scan from Famitsu.

What started as a tip from someone who scanned a feature from Japanese magazine Famitsu has been confirmed thanks to Konami creating the website that you can now see at the source link below. Though details about the game are scarce, what is known so far is as follows:

  • Story and characters are based on those from Metal Gear Solid 4.
  • Obviously, the game will utilize a touch screen interface.
  • A total of 8 levels will be initially packaged with the game, with more to follow later (Though no word on pricing).
  • Earning enough points in-game will unlock images and wallpapers for use on your iPhone/Touch.

So, looks like no new Metal Gear Solid game for the XBOX 360. Who among you plan on buying this game, and at what pricepoint would you expect it/pay for it?




Screenshot as well!

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