Trophy Guide – Blast Factor

Trophies for Blast Factor and add-ons

A few weeks ago one of the earliest PSN games received a trophy patch.  Blast Factor is a very fast-paced shooter, similar in ways to Super StarDust HD, but extremely different in certain areas. The title was a must buy before, but with the Trophies it becomes a can’t miss.  Some trophies are easy  while some are down right painful.  Hopefully this guide should be able to help you out for all your trophy whoring needs.

Junior Researcher (Bronze): Complete Blast Factor Specimen 1

Graduate Researcher (Bronze): Complete Blast Factor Specimen 4

Head Researcher (Silver): Complete Blast Factor Specimen 7

– Go for all 3 in one play through.  You will keep all your trophies up to what ever point you quit, but when you start a new game you will have to start at Specimen 1 again.

Advanced Junior Researcher (Bronze): Complete Blast Factor Advanced Research Specimen 1

Advanced Graduate Researcher (Bronze): Complete Blast Factor Advanced Research Specimen 4 Advanced

Advanced Head Researcher (Silver): Complete Blast Factor Advanced Research Specimen 7

– Like the basic research trophies go for all 3 in one play through.  You will keep all your trophies up to what ever point you quit, but when you start a new game you will have to begin at Specimen 1 again.

Chain-Tastic (Bronze): Get x100 chain multiplier

– You will need to have a lot of enemy’s on screen for this one. When one blows up around other enemies they will blow up these other enemies. You need to continue this until you get a x100 multiplier.

Survivor (Bronze): Finish a Survival Cell without dying

Ultimate Survivor (Silver): Finish all Survival Cells without dying

– These cells are all about speed and moving. The earlier cells are not too tough, but the later ones get more difficult. You need to use the Repulser and tilt as often as you can, but you do need be careful of those enemies that are not affected by the Repulsor and tilting.

Jackpot (Bronze): Complete a Specimen without dying

Immortal (Silver): Complete 3 consecutive Specimens without dying

– The best place to achieve this would be Basic Research at normal speed on Specimen 1 – 3.  These are the easiest 3 specimen and as long as your careful this should not be too hard to get.

Mix It Up (Bronze): Complete Hybrid mode

– Hybrid mode is a combination of 13 levels from the Basic and Advanced Research Specimens.  You will need to complete all 13 specimens in a single playthrough.  There really isn’t to much strategy to this other then take your time.  Like Basic and Advanced Research you will start on Specimen 1 when you start a new game.

Death Wish (Bronze): Complete a Boss Cell without using the Repulsor

– This can be achieved rather easily.  Make your way to the Boss Cell on Specimen 1, which is rather simple and can be destroyed without using the Repulsor.

Death Wish Part II (Silver): Complete a Survival Cell without using the Repulsor

– Specimen 1 is your best bet here.  This can be one of the hardest trophies in the game as you’ll need to avoid using the Repulsor, but you are still able to do the tip.  For the enemies that you need to use the Repulser on you will need to destroy them by destroying other enemies around them which will cause a chain reaction and blow them up.

Death Wish Part III (Silver): Complete a Boss Cell without destroying any enemies.

– The best place to achieve this would be Advance Research Specimen 1.  Although the boss may be more difficult then Basic Research Specimen 1 there is a bigger space to take advantage of in the advance research.  Use the tip and Repulsor as much as possible since this will not destroy any enemies.  Make sure to tip all the enemies to one side of the level right before the boss goes to shoot across the board. When the boss is just about to hit the opposite, wall set off a Repulsor. This will slow down time and let you lay into him more before he flips around.

Friends Forever (Silver): Complete last Specimen in Co-op for any mode

– You will need at least one other person (up to 4).  You need to complete the last cell in either the Basic or Advance Research.  Although you can complete this on your own with 2 controllers you have to share the lives, so you usually end up having to go through the whole game without dying which isn’t too bad until Specimen 6 and 7.  But with that being said it can be done.

Doing the Dishes (Bronze): Flip 10 Big Tip enemies with one tip

– The best place to do this is Specimen 2 Cell 5.  If you wait for all of the enemies to appear there will be 10 of them simply flip the controller to the right and the trophy is yours.

Chain Gang (Bronze): Destroy 5 Big Chains with one shot

– The Big Chains are the enemy’s that are all silver and blow up into 4 parts when they explode. You need to get to a place that has 5 on screen at the same time.  When you blow up one, they shoot their pieces out and will blow up other ones if they are close.  Make sure you get them close together and when one blows up quit shooting till it blows up the others.

Tough Guy (Silver): Complete all hard Cells in any mode

Attention to Detail (Silver): Complete all Cells in any mode

– These trophies can take some time and can be difficult. You need to play either Basic or Advance Research and complete every cell.  This will take multiple playthroughs to complete.  Since you only need to complete one of the researches use Basic Research since the cells are a little bit easier.  The best way to get this is to copy down the cells onto a piece of paper so you can mark the cells off as you go.  When you complete cell 3 there is no way of going back to the beginning you will have to play though the whole game a minimum 3 times. To complete cells 5-7, pick a path when you reach the boss and die.  You will start back at cell 5 and make sure you go another direction. If you die in a cell you will go to an easy cell.  If you make it through the cell without dying you will continue to the hard cell.  If you die on a hard cell you will go to a medium cell.  Also there is a timer, it is not on the screen any where but the ring around the cell will blink red twice and on the third time you will automatically go to the easier cell.  You will earn Tough Guy as you go for Attention to Detail.

Speed Master (Silver): Finish Blast Factor Basic Research in 2xAT mode

Advanced Speed Master (Silver): Finish Blast Factor Advanced Research in 2xAT mode

– Complete Basic and Advance Research at 2xAT which is the top speed.  You can get these trophies while you go for the other level completion trophies.  If you start right away at 2xAT you will unlock the beat lvl 1,4 & 7 as well as the Speed Master trophy.

The Cleaner (Bronze): Clear a Cell using the Super Repulsor

-You need to acquire the Super Repulsor which is the one that puts the red blinking ring around you. Once you get this you have to wait till the last wave of enemy’s and use it to kill everything in the cell.  The best way to do this is when your on the last wave of enemy’s and you have the Super Repulsor.  Kill off a few enemy’s then tip the cell to push everyone to one side.  Then get close and set off the Super Repulsor.

Matador (Bronze): Dodge 10 Repulsed Back AR’s at the same time.

– These enemies are the one that you need to use the Repulsor on to deactivate so they fall into the wall so you can shoot them from behind. You need to use the Repulsor on them and then dodge 10 of them at one time.  The best ones to get this on are the purple ones, since when you deactivate them they will fly at you instead of away from you.  Just get 10 of them together and when you use the repulser and avoid all of them when they come at you.

Life is Good (Bronze): Get 10 lives

– Every few cells you can get a extra life after you clear it.  Keep from dying and build up to 10 lives.  If you go for the 3 straight specimens without dying trophy you will get this trophy.  Again Specimen 1,2 & 3 are the best place.  You will get a life in cells 4,7 & 8. If you do not die you will get this by Cell 7 of Specimen 3.