Introducing… New Feature, New Contributor

Written by Sev1512 sev1512-48

Today, I am proud to announce our newest PSLS-exclusive feature, as well as our newest contributor.

We all love trophies right? Well, our newest feature, Trophy Ratings, will let you know which games’ trophies are worth spending your time on. Are Pain trophies a pain in the arse? Are Blast Factor trophies are a blast to achieve? Now you will know if a games’ trophies might be out of your league, or too much for your available free time. We’ll let you know if the trophies are for the casual, or the hardcore, as well as how much time they consume, how difficult, and how fun the trophies are to achieve!

PlayStation LifeStyle, your place for PlayStation news, a great community, reviews, Trophy Guides, and now Trophy Ratings….

So now you know about our Trophy Ratings, so now I will tell you about the person responsible for our Trophy Ratings, our newest contributor Wolfehound22

Wolfehound22 has been a member of our community and forums for quite some time now, and his contributions to our forums haven’t gone unnoticed.  Please give Wolfehound22 a warm PSLS welcome!

Here is a quick intro from Wolfehound22 himself…

Wolfehound22 22610wolf1

Hey guys Adam aka wolfehound22 here. I’m a 26 year-old avid gamer. I am married to wonderful supporting woman named Ashley who lets me game pretty much as often as I want to (ya she’s awesome). I do not have any kids yet, but I do see them in my near future. So I pretty much game all the time, because like Sev said in his gamer dad article, things will change.

I’ve been gaming ever since I got a Sega Genesis all those years ago, but I did not truly get into gaming until I got a PS1. Then not only my gaming life, but my life in general changed. I bought a PS2 when I graduated high school and 2 years ago I picked up a PS3.  I also got a PSP 2 Christmas’s ago, so as you can tell I am a huge Sony supporter and love basically everything Sony.

What I want to bring to this community is to continue bringing high quality news and reviews that you all are already used to. As well as help Phoenix on some trophy guides, write some reviews and also write up trophy ratings as Sev has talked about. And to the staff I want to continue building this wonderful site through well informed well written articles.

In closing thanks to Sev for giving me this chance and to all the other contributors for helping me on my way.