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Crash Commando Trophy Rating

January 13, 2009Written by Adam Wolfe

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Crash Commando is a fast-paced 2D shooter that was released in mid December. It combines the fast paced shooting you come to expect from Warhawk and mashes into a 2d world. It was released with the much loved trophies. This game does a good job at making the trophies fun and enjoyable to achieve. Read on to see what we thought…

Difficulty: A-

Most of these trophies are really easy, and can be accomplished with not a lot of effort. The only trophy that will probably give you some problems would be Boot Camp Beast. This particular trophy will have you complete all Grunt and Jarhead Boot Camp missions with a Commando Medal score. A command medal is achieved at 1000 points that you acquire from getting kills, but will lose points with each second that goes by as well as with each death. The first 8 – 10 missions are pretty easy, but the last few can get quite frustrating since the computer very rarely misses you. Also Survival of the Fittest will take some talent. Not only do you need to get multiple kills in a row you also need to survive for a good length of time. And on top of this you need to do it 10 times. This will take some effort but by the time you get to level 25 you should have already done this many times. Other then those 2 trophies the other trophies are quite easy just may take some time to level up.

Time Consumption: C+

What makes this game time consuming would be the leveling up. The first few levels are pretty easy and fast to get to, but once you get to lvl 15 (4,000 pts) it will take you 10,000 points to get to lvl 25.

Relative to Game Play: A

Most of these trophies can be achieved by simply playing the game normally. There really is not any one trophy that will have you go out of your way to achieve, The only trophy that could take you out of the normal game play is Weapon’s 101. Most people generally only use 1 or 2 different guns, so this trophy will make you not only try out all the guns but get 20 kills with them.

Fun Factor: B+

This game is a lot of fun. The trophies only enhance the fun in this game. No trophies make you go out of your way of normal game play, the game is not overly difficult or frustrating, and other then getting to lvl 25 it will not take you to much time.

Multiplayer B

This game is basically online only. There is a single player part, but the real fun in online. Other then Crash and Conquer trophy where you will need to get 20 wins. All the other trophies will not require a lot of co-op from anyone online. Although if you have a good team online you should be able to rack up points easier and a good team makes getting the Demolition Expert and Hacker trophies since you will have good team to protect you.

PlayStation Lifestyle rated Crash Commando: Hardcore

Most of the Crash Commando Trophies are simple, but the few tough ones and the simple fact of the time you will need to put into this game to level up is why we rated this game Hardcore.

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