Magic Ball Trophy Rating

January 22, 2009Written by Adam Wolfe



Magic ball is a 3D take on the classic Brick Breaker game with a comedic twist. It was released with 13 trophies; 10 bronze, 2 silvers and 1 gold. It is the third game in 2 weeks released by Creat Studios (Cuboid & Mahjong Tales). Read on to see if the trophies are as fun, difficult and time consuming as their other releases, or if should you just pass on this one and check out one of their other games.



Difficulty: A

Magic Ball is a pretty easy game which in turn makes the trophies pretty easy. The ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ trophy can be tough and frustrating at times. This one requires that you, on level 2-16, kill every dragon before the knight. Now there are roughly 12 dragons that take multiple hits and one knight which only takes 3. Since it is pretty much impossible to control where the ball goes after you hit it, you will definitely find yourself replaying this level multiple times because you accidentally hit the knight. ‘The Morris Award’ also can be a little hard. You need to accumulate 9 lives at once. You get the lives by collecting the fallen hearts which do not come around all that often. But once you realize that you can restart the level with all the hearts you began with, it really just comes down to beating each level without dying. This is rough at times, but still should not be too hard. The ‘25 in a Row’ & ‘Millionaire’s Club’ trophies seem like they would be hard, but the trick with these are just to retry the level when you run out of lives. The game is very generous and you will restart the level with your lives back, the same score and it will still count the level when you beat it as consecutive levels, so these are easier than they seem.

Time Consumption: A

This game is short, and depending how skilled you are, it should only take 2 – 4 hours and you can acquire all the trophies in one play through. ‘Through the fire and flames’ again will probably take you the longest. I had to play through it 20 or so times to get it, but it really all comes down to luck and some may be able to beat it in their first few attempts. The only one that could be considered time consuming would be Award Winner. This trophy is basically a platinum you receive it for getting every other trophy in the game. But when it only takes 4 hours to beat the game it isn’t really time consuming, it just takes the longest to get.

Relative to Gameplay: B

The trophies go relatively well with the gameplay, but there are a few exceptions. The only hidden trophy in the game ‘Goodbye Cruel World’ requires you to get the skull and crossbones 5 times in one play through. Now I don’t know about you, but the first time I got it and it killed me, I wasn’t all that willing to go for it again. ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ is another trophy that will have you playing different. Trying to just kill the dragons first will definitely make you change your style and will have you restarting the board multiple times. Also ‘The Morris Award’ will make you play different, only because once you die, you will have to restart the level since the hearts do not come often…which makes those nine lives somewhat rough.

Fun Factor: A-

If you enjoyed the old brick breaker game you will love this new take on it. The game is a lot of fun which make the trophies all that more enjoyable. Even ‘Through the Fire and Flames’, which is the hardest, most time consuming and play style-altering is a blast to try and achieve. And once you finally pull it off, you will feel a great since of accomplishment.

Multiplayer –

There are no multiplayer trophies.

Most of Magic Ball’s trophies are easy and not very time consuming with the exception of ‘Through the Fire and Flames’, but even that trophy is a blast overall. Every player from casual to trophy whore should have little issue with collecting these trophies.

For these reasons, PlayStation LifeStyle rates Magic Ball: Casual

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