SEGA Planning New Things With Old Franchises?

Written by Paulmichael temprix

Coming to us soon?
Coming to us soon?

Over at the US Patent and Trademark’s website, a few new applications have been spotted. They are two of SEGA’s intellectual properties. In this case, it’s 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker and REZ. Take this information as you will, but here’s to hoping we will finally be receiving a true sequel to this Dreamcast and PS2 gem!

From the patent website...Exciting.
From the trademark website...Exciting.

Rez was great, but also pretty rare. Rez HD only came out on the Xbox 360, but if a seqeul is to be made there is no doubt in my mind it would come out on multiple platforms. Who else is excited for what this could mean?

Now as for the other application, that series has maintained an average reception, so who knows what might become of that.

The other application was for this.
The other application was for this.

[Thanks Richard!]

Source Links: 18 Wheeler and REZ