A PlayStation LifeStyle Milestone

Written by John linuxgurulifestyle3-48


Less than eleven months after this website was created, the combined efforts of our staff and contributors, readers and commenters have caused us to reach a rather significant point.

From a tiny and humble blog hosted on wordpress arose the site you see before you now that has bloomed from two authors to a staff of nine. Our feature list has grown, our reader base has expanded, and in light of this we have recently initiated the start of a complete site redesign by a well-known industry professional.

From the mind of a union carpenter came PlayStation LifeStyle, and now here, he and the rest of us stand before you 2,000,000 views later.

As managing editor, I’d like to thank all those who read our humble, non-sensationalist gaming site, and I wish to see you all stay with us as we go through big changes and grow into a mature, well-received, trusted and reliable entity.

Here are some words from each of the staff, starting with the site owner and creator, Anthony Severino:

– “Thank you. Without our readers we would be nothing at all. Thank you for your enduring support, thank you for all of your comments and feedback, thank you for making PlayStationLifeStyle a thriving community for PlayStation enthusiasts and fanboys alike. This has been one hell of a ride, bumpy at times, but always moving toward our ultimate goal of giving you all a place where you can read, discuss, and enjoy all things PlayStation. The future looks bright for PSLS, and I want to take the time to let you all know that we will be relaunching PlayStation LifeStyle in the coming weeks. We will be sporting a new look, and new features, which will in turn bring new experiences, and opportunities for both the readers, and our staff. We look forward to continuing to be your choice for PlayStation News, Reviews, Trophy Guides, and more! We are excited about the relaunch, and we sure hope you are too. Stay tuned!

PlayStation isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.”

Azariah Ellington II

– “When PSLS first began, we had no idea how far it would come in such a short amount of time. We were average gamers and we wanted to bring everyone PlayStation news in an unique way. If it were not for you, the readers, we would not be here. You all have made PSLS what it is. Your thoughts, opinions, and patronage means the world to us. The amount of pride and joy I get when someone comments on the quality of our site and what they enjoy about it is without compare. I promise you it is comparable to the first time I beat Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson Punch Out. 2 million views is a huge accomplishment. It is truly an accomplishment that is due to you all. We are here for you. We look forward to what we will be doing in the future with all of you. I am thankful for the opportunity to do this. It is really a dream come true. Thank you everyone.”

Joseph Peterson

– “I am honored to be part of such a great site and work with a great group of people. We all continue to keep things laid back and bring a different perspective of gaming that most sites do not. I feel that is what has separated us from the bunch. Our site would be nothing without our great and loyal readers. Thank you so much for using us for your info/discussions about videogames.”

Richard Allen

– “I was a long time reader of PSLS and I had wanted to contribute for sometime. This site really picks up where I left off with The Console Wars blog I used to help run. I am proud to be a part of a team with members that are highly dedicated to each of their features. Along with a high caliber of news, there are ample guides and reviews. Of course all of this activity is thanks to you, the readers. As long as you guys keep supporting the site, we will keep dishing out the goods.”


– “As one of the guys who has been here from the start, I can say I am quite lucky to have joined up with such a great group of original authors – and I’m amazed at Anthony’s eye for talent and vision for the site. One measure for success, often used when discussing college education, is if the graduating class would not have been accepted with their same qualifications after the bar has been raised for four years – the college is doing EXTREMELY well. That is, the reputation, the talent, the demand – all better than it was when started. Survived the initial excitement. In a roundabout way, I’m trying to say THANK YOU to all the readers for making the site what it is, for engaging with us personally in the comments and forums, and for helping to guide the site in new and interesting directions. This is not a RUMOR – we have some really exciting things coming your way! Thanks so much to everyone behind the scenes and behind the screens.”

Justin Goddard

– “I myself began reading this site when it was still in its infancy and known only as Sev1512.wordpress.com; how much it has changed. Not even a year old and the site has already hit the big 2 million mark. I’m honored to be part of PSLS and even more by everybody who has stuck around through everything. PSLS has created such a great community, and I thank all of you for making the PSLS community and site what it is today.”

Adam Wolfe

– “I am glad to be a part of a great site with such great people. I am still relatively new here, but it feels like I’ve been here forever. Thank you to all the readers and here’s to hoping for a great future.”

Paulmichael Contreras

– “Well, I’m honored to be a part of such a close community and am gracious for the opportunity to expand my horizons and write meaningful articles that I can see our readers appreciate. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and hope to be there with everyone!”