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PSP Preview – Rhythm of War

February 16, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


PlayStationLifeStyle knows great games, I mean hey, that’s why we are so fond of the PlayStation brand.  So when we heard the good folks over at Beatshapers were working on a PSP game, we just had to learn more.

Rhythm of War is a rhythm action strategy game where you travel across time, battling aliens and saving the world.  Sounds like your normal game premise these days, but the twist is that you battle the aliens across 4 “tracks” and defeat the enemies by following the track’s beat ala Patapon.

With a colorful and crisp presentation, as well as music by MoozE, this game is sure to be a blast.  There is one catch, this great title has yet to be picked up by a publisher.  Hopefully some publisher out there (Hint, hint SCEA! We’re looking at you!) picks up this game, so that we can get some more audio/visual gaming goodness out of our PSPs.

Rhythm of War is being co-developed by SME Dynamic Systems Ltd. and KranX Productions.

Stay tuned!