Split Second Waves the Checkered Flag at Burnout

featuresplitsecondvsburnoutIf you missed this weekend’s Gametrailers TV, then you really missed out on a treat.  No, not the lovely and talented Geoff Keighley.  Disney debuted the trailer for their previously-untitled Split Second.  It looks like Black Rock Studios is trying to really raise the bar here.  Split Second clearly is going after the Burnout crowd.

The game appears to be a race that spans an open word. If that sounds familiar you will be happy to know the setting is some sort of TV show, and the drivers have control over certain race obstacles. The trailer illustrates driver-triggered events such as collapsing bridges, water deluges (via the sewers) and steel girders falling from a construction site.

If you missed the broadcast you can see the entire show in HD, or just check out the HD Trailer with this link.

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