Leprechaun Sackboy makes his way to PSN today [Update]

March 12, 2009Written by StalkingSilence


While we still have no word on the Killzone 2 LittleBigPlanet content (Sev/Helghast costumes and hopefully a level pack), at least the DLC for LittleBigPlanet resumes again today after taking a break for a few weeks.  Today in the PlayStation Store update, we should see the free Leprechaun outfit for Sackboy to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  No word yet if we can expect four leaf clover stickers and Sackboy-sized pints of Guinness.


He should be arriving during Happy Hour tonight!

Again, it’s nice to see this content resuming, but I had higher hopes for this week.  Something seems a little off and I’m not sure if some major content is being held up in Sony QA or whatnot.  Each week we are teased that there is a big surge of content coming, and for the last several weeks it has left me wondering what the issue is.

In this past week’s “Sack It To Me” posting on the PlayStation.Blog, Mark Valledor of SCEA claimed, “Admittedly, this week’s update is a bit on the light side – mainly because we have some great stuff that we have to wait until next week’s post.”  Hopefully this Leprechaun wasn’t the “great stuff” and I’d like to hear more about some of the other content on the way. Even our friends at LittleBigPlanetoid seem to be getting a little impatient, questioning where the Killzone 2 outfits are, along with those for Sepiroth, Kai & Nariko, Bumblebee, Buzz, Patapon, the Acient Monkey, etc.  We’re with you guys and we’re listening.

UPDATE: There might be more LBP DLC coming (think Street Fighter costume pack).