Red Baron Arcade flies to PlayStation Store today [Update]

March 12, 2009Written by StalkingSilence


What?  You’ve never heard of this game?  Actually, chances are you have heard of it; you just forgot.  We expected Red Baron Arcade to be released back in September 2008.  We had listed it in our rumored content posts for months, and then it just slipped away into obscurity.

Now it looks like Red Baron Arcade – which Joystiq said “looks fun, in spite of its antiquated graphics”might be IS headed to the PlayStation Store as early as today!  We’ll keep you posted with our sources’ latest information and try to confirm this with SCEA.  We just wanted to get the news out to you as soon as possible.

Update: The release date has been confirmed by Scott Gordon of Sierra Online on the PlayStation.Blog.  The game will feature a demo also hitting the PlayStation Store tonight.  How much would you pay for this game (no price mentioned) if it indeed doesn’t have trophies?

Note: We haven’t seen this game on any trophy lists, so maybe it doesn’t include the feature since it was delayed from 2008?  Will you still buy it?