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Drive to Win in GT5P Contest; Shooting Yourself Optional


Two contests announced in one day! Rev those engines and get ready for this challenge brought to us by the folks at Polyphony Digital and Logitech. This time around, you have to try to get the fastest lap time on a given track within a certain class of cars. At the end of that track’s week, the top 3 time-holders will receive fabulous prizes! Third place will receive a Logitech V470 Cordless Laser Mouse. Second place will receive both a sweet Logitech Driving Force Wireless wheel and a set of Logitech Z-5 speakers. Finally, the person with the fastest time on the chosen track at the end of the week will win a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel, Logitech Audio Hub speakers, and a Logitech V470 Cordless Laser Mouse.


I'll take one please!

I'll take one please!

That’s quite a prize package! Not too good at these races? Have no fear; five randomly selected non-winners will be chosen each week to win themselves a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel! No recording is necessary, though I would recommend saving a replay of those fast laps times just in case there’s any discrepancies. See? So it looks like you’ll get to shoot yourself (with an in-game camera) after all. So get some practice in tonight (the contest starts tomorrow and lasts until April 7th), and we’ll see you on the track!