Top 5 PS3 Games of 2009 So Far

March 17, 2009Written by Anthony Severino

2009 has only just begun, yet we have already had some very heavy hitters arrive on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network.  We’ve listed in what our opinion are the 5 best PS3/PSN games that have been released so far this year.  With a Top 5 this good, 2009 is shaping up the be one of the best years we gamers have had the pleasure of enjoying.

MLB 09: The Show


SCEA’s flagship baseball sim gets released year after year, and always manages to return with major upgrades.  This year’s iteration doesn’t disappoint with its robust online modes, improved graphics and physics, smoother gameplay, and much more.  Not only is this the best baseball game around, but it’s one of the best damn sports games period…  Read our Full Review

Street Fighter IV


Fans of the Fighting genre, or fans of gaming at all, must have played Street Fighter at one point or another.  Any game with that much reach has some seriously high expectations when a sequel is on the horizon.  Capcom has not only managed to stick to its roots, but also managed to spice things up enough to give fans a completely fresh experience.  Even if you are not a fan of fighting games, Street Fighter IV definitely deserves your attention.  Read our Full Review



ThatGameCompany has done it again, bringing us a surreal, hypnotic, zen-inducing masterpiece.  The word masterpiece is much more fitting for Flower, as it’s truly a work of art.  The soothing music and sound of the breeze flowing, coupled with the relaxing swaying of the blades of grass can calm you after the most hectic of days.  A flower is full of beauty, and the game’s title is certainly fitting for such a gorgeous experience.  Read our Full Review

Resident Evil 5


RE5 didn’t release without complaints, mainly about the clunky, tight controls.  The fact is, that is one of the only ways that RE5 stayed familiar to other installments within the series.  Gone are the feelings of desperation and loneliness, replaced by intense action and fantastic co-op gameplay.  The story is what you would expect from a Resident Evil game, and offers some explanations about the cast from previous games, namely Chris Redfield’s old partner, and nemesis Albert Wesker.  Read our Full Review

Killzone 2


The first PS3 release from Guerrilla Games undoubtedly raised the bar on the entire industry as to what the PS3, and even the FPS genre, was truly capable of.  This is one of the most polished games you will ever play, with examples in every scene such as smoke and debris blocking your line of sight.  With incredible multiplayer support, Killzone 2 will have you gaming, not just for hours, but months.  This one is on track to be the game of the year, and you should not miss it.  Read our Full Review