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MotorStorm Promises to Push PSP to the Edge

Developer Bigbig Studios has released additional info on their new PSP title, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge. They are aiming to bring the full Motorstorm experience to Sony’s handheld, including the damage and physic mayhem the series is famous for. Game Director Richard Ogden had this to say:

“As long as you take a sensible view on what you’re trying to achieve, then there aren’t really any major constraints when translating a PS3 game to PSP. The main area to deal with is the graphics and visuals – we have to use lower resolution textures and less polygons in our models, but in such a way that it’s still going to look great on the small screen. Really, nothing else needs to be compromised that much, at least not in the player’s perception of the final product.

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge really does push the machine. We’ve got more physics and damage and destruction going on than most other games on the system.  As to whether there’s more that can be squeezed out; most definitely.  We’ve been working with the hardware now for a good few years and we’re still finding ways that we can squeeze more out of it.”

We’ll keep you posted as more information is released, so stay tuned!