PlayStation Home Poised to Become PS3 Killer App

March 20, 2009Written by Richard Allen

featurehomekillerapp1Having been released to a lot of skepticism, PlayStation Home has already come a long way in a short time. However, lacking certain features it was originally demonstrated to have at GDC ‘07, and it now being almost 2 years later, could lead people to feel as though the virtual world hasn’t delivered.

In a thread on the official PlayStation forums created by Home Manager Locust_Star, where he and CydoniaX talk candidly about the future of PlayStation Home. From what they are saying, the outlook for PlayStation Home is very positive. They also touch on the missing features that PlayStation fans want the most, such as trophy integration, media streaming objects, and user generated content.

We have compiled a list of quotes from the thread that will make the nay-sayers think again, and the fans even more optimistic.

Locust_Star writes:

“I want to see everything that was promised in the early demos of Home delivered – specifically, media streaming objects, trophy integration, user generated content, and game launching being supported by all the new titles (and patched for the classic titles we all know and love). I feel like we’re on track to do all this and more.”

“We’re under a lot of pressure. But we can deal with it. This is an incredible group of people we have here – geniuses, across the board. I firmly believe that. I have the utmost confidence that Home will become exactly what it was meant to be, exactly what it was promised to be, and will enable the PS3 to bury the competition. Given that, I sleep very well at night.”

CydoniaX writes:

“Yes. I know that Home is not going to fail. I know that it will be what you all want it to be. I have empirical proof of that. Unfortunately, I just can’t share it all right now, but it will be shared. There are big announcements coming in the next few months”

“Absolutely, yes. These next few updates look pretty significant, and I anticipate everything to continue to ramp up. We’re gaining momentum. By no means is the Home of today the Home of tomorrow. One day, you will have more content than you will know what to do with. You just gotta hang in there with us.”

“I see Home a year from now bearing almost no resemblance to the Home of today. This is a baby that’s just starting to crawl right now. It’ll be a varsity basketball player with mad dunking skills a year from now.”

“I don’t have to ask. They get it. We’ve hammered it into their brains. They take this very, very seriously. As said, be prepared for some pretty major announcements in the not-so-distant future.”

We couldn’t wrap up the article without pointing you to a comment made by Locust_Star digging into the competition. Locust_Star writes:

“I’m allowed to spend my paycheck however I like, but I’m a diligent consumer. I don’t buy hardware that breaks after 3 months.”