Logitech Harmony & PS3 Sing a Duet

March 21, 2009Written by Richard Allen


Those of you that own PlayStation 3 and Logitech’s Harmony “all in one” remote control, have found the two devices don’t live in harmony.  That will all change according to Troy Petersen, Logitech’s product marketing manager for gaming products. In the works is an adapter.


“We can’t give you all the details just yet, but we can say that this adapter will, when used with any Harmony remote, give you complete control of your movie-watching experience on PS3. It will also turn the PS3 on and off – and allow you to set up your Harmony activities to include the PS3 just as you would any other device. You also won’t need to dedicate any of your valuable USB ports to get that control.”

– Troy Peterson

Now that doesn’t exactly say full XMB control which would be the best option.  More as it becomes available.