God of War III Is Too Brutal for the Internet!

March 22, 2009Written by Richard Allen


Evidently, what we saw at the God of War III press event was a tame representation of the stark brutality that is Kratos. Kratos has always been well know for his visceral violence. In fact, it’s probably one of the most rewarding aspects of the gameplay. God of War III is looking to up the ante by utilizing the next generation architecture to deliver a more lifelike experience.

“Some of these scenes are so violent, they are never going on the internet – at least, not by us. They’re just not appropriate for some audiences.”

– Sony Santa Monica

The developers over at Santa Monica Studios have been hard at work on what they have deemed “Zipper Technology”. The team had been working on the technology during previous installments of God of War.  At the end of the day, though, the older hardware was simply unable to produce satisfactory results. However, the power of the Cell and RSX allows them to mimic the properties of muscle and skin, allowing Kratos to slice open his adversaries and spill their innards onto the battlefield.