Want to be the Bad Guy? inFamous Karma System Detailed

March 23, 2009Written by Dan Massi

Sucker Punch, developer of inFamous, has revealed additional details on the Karma system featured in their upcoming blockbuster title.

“The interesting thing about all of this is the fact that Cole doesn’t have to use his powers for the good of all mankind — he can be as selfish as you want him to be. See, Infamous employs a seven-level Karma System that monitors your actions and lets you know how good or bad Cole is being. See, this will all be broken down in a little crescent-shaped meter next to your power level.

If you’re reviving pedestrians who have been hurt by your enemies (a quick deliberator-like shock from your palms can fix just about everyone in this game), your meter fills in with a little blue. If you’re just wailing on every person you see in the street before pinning them to the ground and sucking their life forces out of their faces, your meter is going to fill in red. From the middle/neutral spot, you can do good deeds and climb to Guardian, Champion, and Hero ranks, or you can fry passerbys and sink to Thug, Outlaw, and Infamous Ranks.

Awesomely, this position on the good/bad scale is visually represented by Cole as well. When he’s being a good boy, Cole’s electricity attacks will be blue and his clothes will be pristine. When he takes a turn towards evil, Cole will crackle with red energy, lose the pigment in his skin, and get mud on his face and clothes. These visual cues get more and more severe as you move up the ladder of your chosen Karma path.”

So, will you use your powers for the good of mankind? Or to pummel anyone foolish enough to get in your way?

Expect more details on inFamous this week as GDC 09 kicks off.