Top 10 PlayStation Franchises Deserving of PS3 Love

March 23, 2009Written by Anthony Severino



Final Fantasy VII and VIII get all the praise for being the greatest RPGs to ever grace the original PlayStation, yet there were two games I enjoyed just as much.  Those two games were Suikoden 1 & 2.  When I started Suikoden, I made it my goal to locate and recruit all 108 stars of destiny to amass my army.  Fantastic story, classic turn-based gameplay, with team/partner attacks made this game a contender to the Squaresoft monopoly over my PSOne gaming.  My favorite memory of Suikoden was the “rock, paper, scissors” style battles your army would wage against the opposing side.  Duels versus the game’s many villains were done in the same style.  Unfortunately, there were sequels after Suikoden 2; none of those lived up to the first two games.  Please Konami, remake the original Suikoden on the PS3.

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