Tales of Vesperia Coming to PS3


Finally, an announcement has been made on the long awaited Tales of Vesperia, which will be making its way to the PS3. On top of this, the PS3 version will be receiving added bonus content not included in the 360 version. In the latest issue of Jump magazine in Japan, they have a huge two-page layout of the new Tales game. The PS3 version will come with a new character named Patty Fleur, but as of right now this is all we know.

Not only are they showing the PS3 some love, but Tales of VS will be landing on the PSP and will be the direct rival of Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Fundamentally sharing the same basic overview, Tales of VS will have 4-player fighting mode. Thus far, only Yuri (Tales of Vesperia), Luke (Tales of the Abyss), Shing (ToH) and Richter (ToSKoR) have been revealed. I’m sure Lloyd will make an appearance as well.

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