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Aspiring Developer Takes Golfing to New Heights

The development team at Illfonic have just announced their first venture within the videogame business with a game that aims to stand out from the crowd. The name? Ghetto Golf.

If you thought golfing was only for rich folks, you thought wrong. Ghetto Golf tosses out the country club setting and throws you into real life environments, with complex obstacles to boot. For now, the game is an Unreal Tournament 3 mod, with Illfonic relying on Unreal Engine 3 for development. Whether they can land a publisher to help push development forward as yet to be seen, though I’m sure our PSN members are intrigued by the name alone.

Illfonic’s Website posted the following information:

“Ghetto Golf is an upcoming downloadable multi-platform title. We would like to tell and show you more and will as soon as we get our legal shit straight. Playable demos can be shown upon request.”