Trophy Guide – Bejeweled 2


Bejeweled 2 has finally landed on the PS3 after it has been on nearly all conceivable platforms.  This game is very fun and very addicting so check out the trophy guide and have fun trying to get all of these!

Classic Rock (Bronze): Complete Level 5 in Classic Mode

– Keep playing through Classic mode and you will get this.  Try to save your Hypercubes for when you run out of moves.

Action Hero (Bronze): Complete Level 5 in Action Mode

– Keep playing through Action mode and you will get this.  The bar at the bottom will deplete faster the further you get, so try to be quick.

Puzzlemaster (Gold): Complete Puzzle Mode

– Complete all 80 puzzles.  You can use the in-game hint system for all but one puzzle.  For the one without the hints use this video:

[youtube width=”400″ height=”400″][/youtube]

Casual Carat (Bronze): Complete Level 10 in Endless mode

– You cannot lose in Endless mode, so  you cannot run out of moves. This is one of the easiest trophies of the game.

Detonator (Bronze): Destroy 12 gems in a single move

– You need to get some power gems close together so you can cause a chain reaction.

Diamonds are Forever (Bronze): Make 3 blue matches in a row

– Very simple. To get this you need to match only blue gems for 3 turns consecutively. If you are having a hard time try Endless mode and try to clear out the non-blue gems.

Jewel Keeper (Bronze): Clear 5,000 gems

– Keep playing Endless mode to clear the most gems.  If you play Classic mode and run out of moves a screen will show all your stats.

100K Club (Bronze): Score 100,000 in Action Mode or Classic Mode

– Action mode would be a little tougher than Classic mode.  For Classic mode you would have to make it to somewhere around level 15, but it all really depends on how many combos you get during your run.  It will differ for everybody.  Only advice is to keep trying.

Six Shooter (Silver): Get a 6x Cascade

– Play Endless mode.  When you make a match and the falling gem makes another match, that is a cascade.  Simply do this 6 times in a row and the trophy is yours.  This should come to you normally if you just play the game.

Powermad (Silver): Create 200 Power Gems

– Match 4 gems to make a Power gem.  Play Endless mode so you do not run out of moves.  Make a Power gem 200 times and the trophy is yours.  You can check your stats when you run out of moves in Classic mode.

Hypercube Hoarder (Silver): Create 50 Hypercubes

– Match 5 gems to make a Hypercube.  Play Endless mode so you do not run out of moves.  Simply make 50 Hypercubes and the trophy is yours.  You can check your stats when you run out of moves in Classic mode.

Dimensional Rift (Silver): Have 5 Hypercubes on the game board

– One of the challenging trophies in the game. It is probably best to be done in Endless Mode.  You need to have 5 Hypercubes at once on the screen and the only way to do that is if you make one and do not use it.  Then continue to try to make another along the way.  If you run out of moves then you may have to use one.  If you are having problems with this trophy and you have access to a flash drive you can try this:  Make it as far as you can in Endless and get as many Hypercubes as you can.  When you have made either a 3rd or 4th Hypercube, quit to the main menu.  That will save your game.  Copy this save onto a Flash drive.  Go back into the game and continue trying to get your 5th Hypercube.  If you run out moves simply quit to the XMB and overwrite your save with your flash save.  Keep trying and you will eventually get this.