SOCOM: Confrontation v1.5 Patch Intel – Clan Ladders

May 3, 2009Written by Richard Allen


SlantSix is hard at work finalizing the next patch for SOCOM: Confrontation.  The developers have detailed the intricate clan ladder support they are prototyping.

Clans can battle for the ‘top of the ladder’ position through Clan Matches. Clans may sign up for 4, 8, and 16 player ladders. Matches occur within Daily, Evening and Weekend time brackets allowing clans to schedule the most convenient times. A clan may only have one active ladder challenge at a time, regardless of the time slot it is in, or the size of the clan. The scheduled battle will have to play out or be forfeited before another battle can be scheduled. You can challenge anyone that is in the bottom ten percent of the ladder directly above you. If a challenging clan wins, they take the position of the defending clan, dropping the defending clan down one spot. Ladder positions update after every series of matches, allowing clans to send new challenges.

Other ladder options…

Match Scheduling

  • Daily Monday-Friday
  • Evening Monday-Friday
  • Weekend Saturday/Sunday

Competition Size

  • 4vs4: Clans of 3 players or more may join the 4vs4 ladders.
  • 8vs8: Clans of 6 players or more can join the 8vs8 ladders.
  • 16vs16: Clans of 12 players or more can join the 16vs16 ladders