“Soon” Becomes Synonymous with GT5

May 11, 2009Written by Draisey


In a recent documentary about the Audio R8 and Gran Turismo 5, creator Kazanori Yamauchi confirmed that his hugely anticipated driving simulator will have night racing and advanced weather effects, such as rain. He also was sure to confirm that the damage model will be implemented “soon.” But just how soon are we talking about, here?

Even with huge updates to [shal]GT5 Prologue[/shal], we still haven’t seen any core aspects of the game altered or added onto since its release in March 2007. Yes, the driving is absolutely perfect, and more accurate than any other racing game on the market. But that alone isn’t going to carry the franchise, especially with [shal]Need for Speed Shift [/shal] looking to be a very accurate driving and crashing simulator.

gran-turismo-5-prologue-002We can only hope that [shal]Polyphony Digital[/shal] has made a lot of progress in the latter area, lest Gran Turismo fall to the wayside as rival racing franchises speed ahead.