Leaked Pics of the PS3 Slim?

May 14, 2009Written by Anthony Severino

UPDATE: Leaked images have been removed at the request of Li Mo & Associates Attorneys-at-Law.

Just the other day, we ran an article that Sony would be revealing a redesigned PS3 at E3.  The rumor made its way around the internet, and was quickly debunked by Sony saying that they “currently have no plans” to release a redesigned PS3.

This morning I was shocked to be greeted by “leaked” images of it, thanks to a leak at a Chinese manufacturing plant.  The general consensus is that these images are fake, or some kind of Chinese knock off, and not an actual PS3.  However, my spidey-sense (sadly the Spiderman font is no more) has me believing that these images are indeed real.

True, the images shown are of terrible quality, and are mostly of empty casing and certainly not flattering at all to the new design.  But the photo that has me the most intrigued is the box of the “PS3 slim”, which certainly looks real.  People can call it a photoshop all they want, but that is a bit too elaborate for even the most skilled photoshoppers around.

Aside from saying it doesn’t appear to be photoshopped, people are saying that it’s a Chinese knock off, similar to the Popstation, and the numerous other knock offs around.  That could very well be the case, however I believe otherwise.

What do you guys think?  Is this the real PS3 Slim?  Click on the pics below to see even more PS3 Slim images.