PlayStation LifeStyle – One Year Anniversary

May 20, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


We are just getting warmed up!

When PlayStation LifeStyle was initially established, it never occurred to me that it would come so far in such a short period of time. Thanks to a great deal of hard work, dedication, a little luck, and our unwavering passion for the PlayStation brand this website has become one of the top ranked PlayStation-focused websites around.


Help Along the Way…

Of course I didn’t do this alone.  The dedicated staff and contributors have devoted countless hours of arduous work to bring you all the latest PlayStation news, with a touch of personality.  The readers are just as much responsible for our success as we are.  If it wasn’t for your comments, your feedback, your support, and your returning to the site daily then we wouldn’t be where we are today.  Our loyal readership is just as much a part of the pulse that gives life to PSLS as the staff members that keep it constantly updated.


Humble Beginnings…

PlayStation LifeStyle started as just another blog, but in a very short period of time, we were outgrowing the confines of that restrictive platform.  A little hard work and some minor setbacks later we made the site and the forums even better for the readers.  We contracted a professional designer responsible for some of the biggest gaming sites, with a few goals in mind.  We wanted our homepage to be more dynamic, serving as a directory for the vast variety of content we provide.  We also wanted you to instantly associate our site with PlayStation brand and products.  So just as you would fire up your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable, when you arrived on you would feel that same sleek, elegant, cutting edge style that all PlayStation Enthusiasts have come to know and love.

Our Commitment…

Over the past year we have had our share of growing pains and have maintained our credibility with the readers.  We strive to bring the PlayStation community the content they desire the most.  We offer the most current news, in-depth reviews, and the most comprehensive list of trophy guides available anywhere in addition to our robust trophy portal.

psls-forums-thumbMake Some New Friends…

Our forums have undergone a major makeover,  and you’ll see that it’s our personality that makes PSLS stand out from the others.  The discussions are tremendous and informative.  There are several features that are generally not available in other forums and the amount of friends that have been made, makes this community truly something special.  If you haven’t joined yet, we highly recommend you do so by clicking here.

What’s Next…

Looking forward, we plan to continue doing what has brought us such success, and further innovate PlayStation LifeStyle, so that we can take it to the very top.  We will be making more changes in the future to be able to better deliver you the best content out there.

What would you like to see happen in the next year for PlayStation LifeStyle?