Tekken 6, Now With More Motion Blur

May 24, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras


Tekken 6 has been out in the Japanese arcades since November 26, 2007. It is currently making its way over (very slowly) to console owners in North America and Europe. Game Director/Producer Katsuhiro Harada had a few things to say about the technology behind this console port, with an emphasis on what motion blur does for this game.

Katsuhiro elaborated on how full motion blur is being used:

“With TEKKEN, we implemented full-time variable motion blur; the first time for a fighting game. This makes the game look smooth and dynamic in motion; something not noticeable in a screenshot. This isn’t artificial or partial motion blur as seen in past games, but motion blur applied to the full character model that varies in intensity depending on the speed and type of motion, and rendered in real-time. Not only is this applied to the attacking character, but also the character being attacked, as they are spinning through the air or the screen shaking. This adds to the overall visual impact.”

So while the game will look good in-motion, screenshots will actually have blurred-out models. Which do you prefer, motion blur or no added effects to your games?