Trophy Guide – Burn Zombie Burn


Extinction (Bronze) – 100,000 Zombies killed.

– When you finish a level, it shows you how many zombies you have killed so far. Just keep killing and you will get this.

Paint The Town Red (Bronze) – Fill the screen with the maximum amount of blood on any level.

– Just kill anything and everything that moves, shouldn’t take too long to get this. My only suggestion would be to go crazy on zombies with the chainsaw. You can cut down entire crowds pretty quick.

Red Shirt (Bronze) – Kill the away team Zombie.

– There’s a zombie who kind of looks like Bruce, but is wearing a red shirt. When he teleports into the level, there’s a bell sound played when he enters. He should be easy enough to spot as he crouches down and looks through some binoculars. When you kill him you will get ‘Rampage’, which makes you invincible and gives you infinite ammo for a short period of time.

Hot To Trot (Bronze) – Last 30 seconds with 50+ zombies on fire.

– Easiest on the Woods level. Just keep running around the perimiter, lighting new zombies on fire. The zombies on fire will burn out after a while, so you pretty much have to keep lighting zombies on fire. I got up to almost 100 on fire when I got this trophy.

Murder On The Dance Floor (Bronze) – 1000 Zombies sent dancing.

– Use the Groove Gun (it emits a purple wave) on the Zombies to get them to dance, when dancing…kill’em. Be aware that once a dancing zombie is attacked it will no longer dance, it will come after you so make sure you use TNT, Gatling Gun, Lawnmower or the Chainsaw on them for easy points and quick deaths.

Brain Surgery (Bronze) – 100 Brains sucked.

– It can only be used on one Zombie at a time. It sucks the brain out and you then shoot it across the level. Other zombies will then be drawn to it and ignore you for about a minute. There’s a challenge level called ‘Zombie Bait!’, so use this level to get the trophy.

Texas Style (Bronze) – 100 Chainsaw Combos.

– A combo is achieved by killing a lot of zombies. When you start killing look to the left hand side of the screen to see a picture of your weapon and a bar, fill the bar to complete the combo. Do this 100 times for the trophy.

Dynami-Te-He (Bronze) – 1000 Zombies blown up.

– You can use the any of the 3 stages of TNT, propane tanks and even the exploding zombies as long as you shoot them. Kill 1000 for the trophy.

Graduation (Bronze) – Complete Zombie Academy.

– Complete all 8 Tutorials.

Tourist (Bronze) – All Arcade levels unlocked.

– Achieve a Bronze Medal on all Arcade levels.

Friend of Bruce (Silver) – All levels unlocked.

– To get this you need to get at least a bronze medal on each level so the next one unlocks. This includes all modes for each level and all challenges.

d6 Commends You (Bronze) – All Bronze medals.

– Achieve a Bronze medal on all Arcade and Challenge levels.

d6 Respects You (Bronze) – All Silver medals.

– Achieve a Silver medal on all Arcade and Challenge levels.

d6 Admires You (Bronze) – All Gold medals.

– Achieve a Gold medal on all Arcade and Challenge levels.

Friend of d6 (Gold) – All Developer medals.

– Developer medals are the highest scores for each level set by the devs themselves. On most levels it is 2X-3X higher than the score needed for Gold. This will take a while to achieve. Good luck!