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PSP Go Hands On Impressions


Today at E3, I finally got my hands on Sony’s hot new PSP revision, and to sum it up on one word would be WOW.

Admittedly, when I first heard that the PSP Go would be launching for the steep price of $249.99, I decided that it wasn’t worth it.  Once I got to hold it in my hands, I quickly changed my mind.

The unit itself, is a tech lover’s wet dream.  The look and feel is exactly what you would expect from the brand that is ‘’.  It’s so lightweight it almost feels fake, and that was even with the metal tether that was there making sure no one made off with the device.  Sadly, that same metal tether prevented the unit’s “sliding screen” from being slide back and fourth, but from what we have seen it looks like it’s smooth, and clicks in place nicely.

When the device is open, it gives the appearance that it’s much slimmer than it really is, and fits perfectly comfortable in your hands.  The buttons are responsive, and the analog nub has noticeably more range.  However, it’s offset to the right of the d-pad, making it feel a bit awkward at first.  Although I am sure it’s something you would get used to over time.

The screen itself is bright, and even with the screen being smaller than the original PSP, it’s not noticeable enough to cause any grief.  The casing, as well as the screen still has that shiny finish.  Looks great, but it’s the same material as the original PSP, and the PS3 that is notorious for smudging and fingerprints.  So bad, that I felt the urge to wipe the screen on my PlayStation LifeStyle staff T-Shirt.  Then again, there were so many different hands on the PSP Go, that it was bound to pick up more fingerprints than normal.

We got to play LittleBigPlanet, and Gran Turismo on it, and both look incredible.  We’ll have hands on impressions up on those two titles and many more PSP games a little bit later.