Forza Developer Accuses Gran Turismo Series of Being “Stagnant”


Che Chou of Turn 10 Studios, developers of the Forza Motorsport series for Xbox 360, made a pretty underhanded criticism that certainly won’t hold over well with fans of the Gran Turismo series. While it’s standard for developers to try out each other’s games and swap information at trade shows, Turn 10 seemed particularly sensitive about Polyphony Digital showing up to the Forza booth at E3 2009.

“The reason I say I was personally surprised was because [Polyphony Digital] aren’t generally known as a studio to acknowledge that there are racing games that exist beyond their own. Which could explain why the GT franchise has been so stagnant in the racing genre since GT3.”

Unfortunately, Chou fails to explain himself, which leaves us to wonder whether he was referring to GT’s sales (Gran Turismo 5: Prologue alone sold nearly 3.7 million units) or the fact that the series is still regarded by professional drivers as the most realistic driving simulator on the market. Chou had one final thing to say on the matter.

“I know for a fact that Turn 10 will never stop pushing racing games to the next level.”

And, sadly, neither will Polyphony Digital. If you see a competitor taking notes, do the same. It’s more constructive to learn from them rather than fall into an arrogant mindset.