Sega Loves Their Valkyria Fans


The PlayStation 3 exclusive strategy role-playing game, Valkyria Chronicles, garnered a great deal of praise from the media–and us–for good reason. Not only is this one of the best, if not greatest, RPGs on the PS3, the game has benefited from strong support with downloadable content, its own anime series, and the possibility of a sequel according to the game’s producer.

On the official Sega blog, after telling Valkyria fans that they love them, RubyEclipse reported on some interesting statistics on the sales of Valkyria Chronicles. First and foremost, in April, the sales of the game increased to 400% and peaked in the top 5 PS3 games on Amazon.

“Half a year after a game is out,  being able to say that sales doubled is a fantastic thing – that sales suddenly tripled is even more rare. But to be able to say that sales more than quadrupled almost six months after a game’s launch is a feat that few games can ever boast – and Valkyria Chronicles, with the amazing help of all of your support, can now do so wholly.”

The blog post also notes that April sales almost surpassed the launch sales of the game. Not only can this be attributed to the release of the game’s DLC in that month, but also the various deals the game had at retail outlets across the nation. So if you haven’t check this game out, make sure to pick it up. It can still be found for under $50.