Gran Turismo 5, King of all Driving Sims


The votes are in!  The good news is Gran Turismo still holds the crown for best driving simulator on the market.  Recently media conglomerate CNET did a readers poll which pitted the driving jauggarnaut, GT5 vs. the “Johnny come lately” Forza Motorsport 3.

Well contrary to what others have reported, Gran Turismo has reigned supreme.  This is in spite of Forza’s Community Manager greasing the palms of Forza forum users with rare DLC for Forza 2.  Some may feel that this is merely an incentive, but the publisher or the developer had to be aware of this.  Who else would have green lighted giving away DLC in such quantities?  The forum thread netted well over 2,200 replies, the majority were requests for the DLC.

Gran Turismo 5 52% (15731 votes) vs. Forza Motorsport 3 48% (14530 votes)




Forza Developer Using Bribes to Skew CNET Poll