Prototype Gets Annoying Installation Bug


Now that [PROTOTYPE] is available in stores now, PlayStation 3 owners have dived into the destructive mind of Alex Mercer, created by the developers who made The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. But unfortunately, it seems that most PS3 owners can’t dive into that mind quite yet.

Gamers who have purchased [PROTOTYPE] have found an unfortunate installation bug, which tells you that there is not enough hard-drive space for the installation of the game. To fix this, you’ll have to change the amount of free hard disk space on your system by 700MB. Sound familiar? Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction had a similar problem, where you’d have to delete or add on 500MB of memory.

The problem can be easily solved, though shouldn’t even had happened in the first place. To get the game up and running, you’ll have to download anything that will eat up 700MB of memory. You can either download a demo, install another game, or download some videos. You can also remove any downloadable content you may have lingering around on your hard drive.

For something to download, may we suggest the inFAMOUS demo? Trust us, it works, unlike this sucker.