Trophy Guide – Ghostbusters: The Video Game


Aim for the Flat Top! (Bronze) – Eliminate a creature.

Kill a creature

Heat ‘Em Up (Bronze) – Purchase all upgrades for the Proton Gun.

Purchase all available upgrades for the Proton Gun.

Mother Pus Bucket! (Bronze) – Purchase all upgrades for the Slime Gun.

– Purchase all available upgrades for the Slime Gun.

We be fast! They be slow! (Bronze) – Purchase all upgrades for the Dark Matter Generator.

– Purchase all available upgrades for the Dark Matter Generator.

I Don’t Want My Face Burned Off (Bronze) – Purchase all upgrades for the Meson Collider.

– Purchase all available upgrades for the Meson Collider.

We Have the Tools! (Gold) – Purchase all available equipment upgrades.

– Purchase all available upgrades to all equipment

The Destructor (Bronze) – Complete the game with more than $3,000,000 in property damage.

– During your single player campaign, destroy as much property as possible.  This includes tables, lamps, art, etc.  You must reach $3,000,000 in property damage.

Nice Shootin’, Tex! (Bronze) – Complete the game with less than $100,000 in property damage.

– Don’t cause over more than $100,000 in property damage.  Just only shoot your proton pack at ghosts.  Do not fire any weapons outside of your battles with ghosts.  Keep all damage to a minimum.

…And You Want to Keep It? (Bronze) – Collect a Cursed Artifact.

Collect any of the cursed artifacts

Spores, Molds, and Fungus (Gold) – Collect all Cursed Artifacts.

– Collact all of the cursed artifacts [Guide]

I’m Picking Up A Signal… (Bronze) – Obtain a 100% PKE scan on a paranormal creature.

– Scan an enemy.  Make sure to get in close for a clear scan

Back Off Man. I’m A Scientist (Gold) – Obtain 100% PKE scans for every paranormal creature.

– Scan every available creature in the game [List]

I’m a Ghostbuster, Not a Doctor! (Bronze) – Revive your teammates 20 times.

– Revive your teammates at least 20 times.  This is more easily attainable on higher difficulties.

I Feel So Funky (Bronze) – Get slimed by a charging ghost.

– This will happen on it’s own.  A ghost just needs to charge into you.

Total Protonic Reversal (Bronze) – Knock yourself down with your own weapon.

– Get close to a wall, and fire a Boson Dart into the wall.

You Gotta Try This Pole! (Bronze) – Slide down the fire pole.

– At the firehouse, slide down any of the fire poles.

It’s Slime Time (Bronze) – Use the Slime Tether on 15 ghosts.

– Fire a slime tether at 15 ghosts.  The easiest way to be sure you are doing this correctly is to slime dunk 15 ghosts into traps.  See: Slime Dunk Trophy for details.

I Looked at the Trap, Ray! (Bronze) – Recover 20 of your own full ghost traps.

– Reduce a ghosts health all the way, toss a trap, and wrangle the ghost into the trap.  Then recover your own trap.  Do this 20 times.  Should easily be unlocked throughout a normal playthrough.

Kosher! (Bronze) – Remedy a dubious food choice to make the bar mitzvah as orthodox as it can be.

– Enter the ballroom at the Sedgewick Hotel, you will see Slimer eating Ham.  Go up to the ham and fire the proton pack at the ham until you unlock this trophy. DO NOT catch slimer first, or the mission will be over and you will not be able to get the trophy.

I Love You When You Rough-House! (Bronze) – The tidy architectural office could use some Proton-based humbling.

– At the top of the building in times square, where you fight an army of flaming creatures, you will need to destroy everything in the room.  Trophy is unlocked after you have destroyed everything, and proceed on to the next room.