Give your PS3 a Boost with Joost


For those in need of [shal]video content[/shal] on their PS3s, Joost Labs has the answer.

As of today, Joost is launching its [shal]web TV[/shal] service for the PlayStation 3, albeit with a few missing items. [shal]Viacom[/shal], [shal]CBS[/shal], and [shal]Warner Bros[/shal]. content will not be available for the PS3 version, at least not yet. To launch the service, PS3 owners can simply open their web browsers and type in “” into the address bar. And what’s great is that the company was thoughtful enough to optimize this section for the PS3 controller.


News of the [shal]PS3[/shal] launch of Joost comes just one day after In-Stat’s research predicted game consoles would remain the primary delivery mechanisms for streaming web video (on TV sets) through 2013. This of course depends on how willing studios are to forgo traditional Television broadcasting for web broadcasting, but the advent of [shal]Hulu[/shal] and similar services has forever changed the playing field.

You can check out Joost’s official website here.