Impressions: Splitfish Frag Pro


The Splitfish Frag Pro is any FPS lover’s dream. Not only does it allow the user to take advantage of the preciseness of PC mouse, but also the tangibility of a controller at the same time.

The mouse and “Frag Chuck”, as affectionately named by G4TV, gives a FPS player the ability to go from mediocre to amazing. Have you ever wished that you could make quick movements while aiming at an opponent? The Frag Pro lets you do just that. What about sniping multiple opponents in a mere seconds, the Frag Pro lets you do that as well.

Here is how it works. You download software for the Frag Pro to your computer and customize the button layout. Set the sensitivity of the buttons and the speed at which your character will react to the controls. Once you finish fine tuning the controls, you are ready to collect kills. You may need to practice with the mouse and “Frag Chuck” a bit before you’re a killing machine, but once you get the hang of it and the features such as the “Frag button” which slows down gameplay, you’re as good as your reflexes allow.

The current Frag Pro is wired, but the upcoming Evo will be wireless. The mouse will be bigger and will be laser instead of optical. There is also some information trickling out about possibly having macros as well, so stay tuned for more on that. The Frag Pro retails for $70. The upcoming Evo will retail at $80. If you have any questions about how good this controller is, a gamer was able to best the guys from Infinity Ward at COD4 with it. $70 isn’t too much to ask for results like that.