Leaked PlayStation Cloud Info? [Update]

GiantEnemyCrab of Gametrailers forums has a leaked picture of PlayStation Cloud as well as some rather interesting info.  This looks to be authentic too, as those PSN ID’s belong to actual Sony employees.  No confirmation has been made, but we have contacted Sony for more information.  We will update when we hear back.

[Update] Jeff Rubenstein is calling this a fake via IGN.

I have recently talked to a very trusted source( he works at Sony) and he told me about PlayStation Cloud. If you don’t believe me then I suggest you scroll down because I have something that can prove to you I’m not lying. It was given to me by my source.

I’m not going to say from who because I promised not to say but here are some of the things I know about PlayStation Cloud. PlayStation Cloud is like your PlayStation Network portal. It will have all your data and info like.

-save game data

-PlayStation Home data

-PlayStation Network Game Statistics

-Registered hardware and software

-in-game Screenshots

-video captured using the Youtube uploading feature

You can access your save game data from any PS3 however, the main PS3 with that save data has to be on to make sure that there aren’t multiple different versions of your save data.

There will also be other features like what the one person posted about, the news feed thing to help PlayStation Network become more social. The news feed tells you what’s going on with your friends. The point of this from what I was told was so that people have more incentive to get trophies if you hear that your friend is like 5 levels higher than you, it will make you want to outdo him. Before the only way you would have known is if you checked their profile. This also works with PlayStation Home too, when you change your space or get a new space it will pop-up on the news feed so that people know and can log on to home and access your space. News feed shows who becomes friends, tells you what they are playing, watching or looking at.

They are also creating a group system through PlayStation Cloud just like FaceBook and Steams however this one will allow you to create clan groups too and let you connect it with your PlayStation Home Club House.

You can use PlayStation Cloud to stream movies, videos and other forms of media to other PS3. You can even watch videos stored on your hard drive with your PlayStation Network friends however it’s sort of more of a home feature because it will send your friends into your Home space.

According to my source you will either see the update in the middle of the summer to the end. They were supposed to talk about it at E3 but it wasn’t ready. Which was why Sony was late at E3 and still ended at the same time at E3 that they were supposed losing 10 minutes of content and why if you look at the email from PlayStation it talks about software updates for during E3 and nothing regarding it was announced.

[Source] Thanks for the tip bolbgt!